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1960s to Early 1970s:  John Nikolopoulos works alongside many pastry chefs in Greece, his birthplace. Having worked in the top pastry shops in Greece at the time, he starts traveling around Europe to diversify his knowledge in the pastry arts and returns to Athens where his name is now starting to buzz. John gets his break in the early 1970s when he gets an invite to come to New York and bring the European desserts to the restaurants and diners which was the craze at the time. He was overwhelmed with offers and starts working at numerous places. In 1974, instead of running from place to place, he decides, along with his wife Peggy, to open up their own bakery and supply the places he was working at.


1974 Grand Opening: The original Bay Ridge Bakery is opened by the Nikolopoulos family as a wholesale bakery. The goal: Bake fresh by day.... Deliver by night!! Instant success! The neighbors started to smell the products being baked and wanted to get their hands on anything that was coming out of the oven. The Nikolopoulos family did not close the door to the walk ins and thus begins the retail operation.


1980s: Bay Ridge Bakery products are found in almost every restaurant and diner being opened in the NY tri-state area.  There are very limited wholesale bakeries around and demand is high. The Nikolopoulos family stays loyal to the neighborhood that gave them their start and keeps their operation in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The Nikolopoulos children, Nick and Stacy, are being raised with the business values and slowly learning the ins and the outs of the business.


1991: By now, the retail business was doing well and the name brand was out there! Bay Ridge Bakery is here to stay! Neighborhood demand and a thriving wholesale operation quickly made the Nikolopoulos family expand the Bay Ridge Bakery and opened up what at that time was the most modern and European designed pastry shop right in the heart of Bay Ridge at 7805 5th Avenue, where we are still located today. The new Bay Ridge Bakery, brought to locals some of the finest, most elegant, European and American pastries at the time. Quotes like “Outstanding- Unique- Unimaginable Treasures” and “A Cornucopia of Dazzling Dessert” were not uncommon in the media. The New York palate was about to change and Bay Ridge Bakery was at the forefront.


2000s: Bay Ridge Bakery is still owned and operated by the Nikolopoulos family and Pastry Chef Nick Nikolopoulos, the son, along with his parents, John and Peggy, has taken the bakery to new heights. Being a Bay Ridge landmark, and a “must visit” place, Bay Ridge Bakery still maintains the “baked fresh daily” motto and strives to give its guests only the best experience. It is not unusual to find guests from other states or tourists from other countries shopping for the creamy cheesecake or our world famous monster Chocolate Chip Cookies. “We have customers who come to NYC to shop for their out of state business and home, and Bay Ridge Bakery is on top of their shopping list”, says owner and chef, Nick Nikolopoulos. “You just don’t find Brooklyn pastries anywhere else in the world!”


2016: Chef Nick, after dealing with many food allergies with his son and nephew decides to focus his strengths to bring his French training and many years of experience to the celiac and allergy community. He opens a gluten free bakery in Stirling NJ and outgrows that space within two years. He converts the retail space to a completely gluten, peanut, tree nut, and sesame free facility that also specializes in dairy free and egg free products. Demand is hot and the Nikolopoulos family starts selling the allergy friendly products in the Brooklyn location.


Today: As we navigate the post covid chaotic world, one thing still remains at the forefront of our existence. Our quality, recipes, techniques and love for bringing our guests a 5 star experience through our desserts and service remains our focus. Thank you for the almost 50 years of continuous support!

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